What you are getting in 5 hours

  • Project Management Knowledge

    Foundation Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) content and Project Management Professional (PMP) principles.

  • Tools & Templates

    24 templates ready to use for Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, closing 5 phases of project management.

  • Application skills

    Demonstrate how to use the tools and templates effectively through a DEMO project. Summarize tips and key takeaways for successful delivery of projects.

Ready to Jump-Start your Project Management Skills?

There is more!

Bonus Chapter

  • Real-Time Excel Visual Dashboard

    Lack of overview for your programs? Don't worry! I will share with you how to use the dashboard template in the Bonus Chapter to monitor your KPIs in real-time.

  • PMP Certification

    Should I invest $3000 to get PMP certification? Does it worth it? I will share with you when is the best time to get PMP to maximize your ROI.

  • Communication

    Your messages seem not getting through to the stakeholders? Frustrated? I share with you communication tips you can use right away to build trust.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 0 - Ready to Jump!

  • 2

    Chapter 1 - Project Management Overview

    • Project Management Overview; PM Skills Pyramid; Jump-Start PM Checklist

    • Resources - Course Slides Chapter1

    • Downloads - Jump-Start PM Checklist

  • 3

    Chapter 2 - Initiating

  • 4

    Chapter 3 - Planning

    • Goal & Definition; Steps Guide; Templates-How to use them; Key Takeaways

    • Resources - Course Slides Chapter3

    • Downloads - Project Planning Templates

    • Downloads - DEMO Project Planning Files

  • 5

    Chapter 4 - Executing

    • Goal & Definition; Steps Guide; Templates-How to use them; Key Takeaways

    • Resources - Course Slides Chapter4

    • Downloads - Project Executing Templates

    • Downloads - DEMO Project Executing Files

  • 6

    Chapter 5 - Monitoring and Controlling

    • Goal & Definition; Steps Guide; Templates-How to use them; Key Takeaways

    • Resources - Course Slides Chapter5

    • Downloads - Project Monitoring and Controlling Templates

    • Downloads - DEMO Project Monitoring and Controlling Files

  • 7

    Chapter 6 - Closing

    • Goal & Definition; Steps Guide; Templates-How to use them; Key Takeaways

    • Resources - Course Slides Chapter6

    • Downloads - Project Closing Templates

    • Downloads - DEMO Project Closing Files

  • 8

    Chapter 7 - Application in the Real-life

    • How to Apply the Learning in a Corporate Environment

    • Resources - Course Slides Chapter7

  • 9

    Bonus Chapter*

    • Excel Visual Project Dashboard; PMP Certification; Soft skill-Communication

    • Resources - Course Slides Bonus Chapter

    • Downloads - Excel Visual Project Dashboard

  • 10

    Closing Message

    • Closing Message


Senior Instructor, PMP, MBA

Ivy Lewis

Ivy Lewis is a Project Management Coach. Ivy is passionate about building a project management community for experience sharing and knowledge transfer. She helps project managers delivering results and set up for career success.

What are people saying about Ivy's content...

I see improvement in execution

Juergen Peters

Through LinkedIn I became aware of ZL-Consulting and Ivy Lewis’ video content she is posting on social media. Her insightful posts about project management intrigued me. I decided to have some of my project managers attending her online training course, called “Jump Start”. My team members gave me positive feedback and I was very pleased with the results. I see an improvement in execution, especially related to consistency and conciseness of project reports. It was a good refresher for their project management skills.

I high recommend Ivy!

Cheryl Czach

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Ivy on a video series about project manager career progression. Ivy was a pleasure to work with. Not only is she incredibly professional, but she is also extremely knowledgeable about the discipline of project management. If you are a PM focused career progression, or you are considering becoming a PM, I highly recommend Ivy Lewis!

She can handle global projects!

Murli Iyer

Ivy is highly driven and focused.  She has attended many SAE International events in the past where she was able to network with a number of industry leaders. She has also served as a Translator for many of VIP Guests speakers at SAE Congress banquets. Her courage and confidence has impressed a great many people. Her command over English and Mandarin and an in-depth understanding of culture gives her a unique ability to manage  global project operations.  I highly recommend Ivy of  ZL Consulting LLC for handling global complex projects.

Her insights helped us through tough times

Jonathan Li

I met Ivy while my previous company hired her on a consulting project. Where she helped my autonomous driving team develop business strategy, refine our business pitch, identify and then connect potential investors. She impressed our team with her business acumen and clear communication of each step. Her automotive industry insights were invaluable and her positive energy helped us get through some tough times.



"You provide very insightful posts and videos with different people from different industries and that brings a lot of good insight and different perspectives. Thank you!"

Bonus package:

1hr coaching session included